My Response... A Disciplined Schedule

I was recently asked by a fellow entrepreneur, "how did you grow your business so quickly?"  My response... A disciplined schedule.

That means waking at 5:30 every morning even when I don't want to.  Following a schedule that I map out on 3 different calendars in advance for my clients, my shoots and post production, my blog, my social media, my family and of course, scheduling time for my workouts and taking care of me.  I show up, dressed up, no matter how I feel.

 That means, you're allowed 5 emotional minutes and then you gotta be gangsta.

Hard work beats talent any day when talent is hardly working.  Just because a person has a talent doesn't mean things should just be granted to you.  You have to be disciplined in your work ethics.

For the New Year, map out a disciplined schedule for yourself and business.  Follow it to the T.  You'd be surprised the leaps and bounds you'll make.

You're not alone friend.  We're in this entrepreneur community together.  Feel free to write me for any question you might have at:

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