Cylus Charlie Brown is Tashianna's son.  At their house they call him, "Cy Cy" and "Bubbi". As his momma, Tashianna likes to call him her "Angel Baby".

Tashianna battled a hemorrhage the entire 9 months of pregnancy and Cylus was born with a stroke on his brain while battling seizures. Tashianna shared: " I promised him when he was in the NICU and fighting to stay alive, that momma was never going to leave his side. I gave it all to God including my son's life and his purpose".

Three long months of going through every emotion possible, Cylus's head doctor walked into the room while Tashianna was breastfeeding and with tears in his eyes, says: "Its gone, the stroke is gone! Its like it disappeared out of nowhere." 

Tashianna was adopted as a newborn so her son is the first person she has ever me in her life that shares the same blood as her.  Tashianna said to me: " I knew from the beginning I was going to be a single mom but there was nothing that was going to stop me from doing what I had to for my baby". 

Tashianna has been a  model since before Cylus was born.   She modeled maternity while pregnant and continued to model after his birth. She would take him to all her shoots with her, where all the models would flock to him and she learned quickly how big of a flirt he was! (Too cute)  Tashianna shared with a chuckle: " Mommy is now regretting that decision. Did I mention, he hates pictures"!

Mornings are their favorite time of day.  Tashianna said:  "I have come to realize that I am "that mom" who is running late to drop their kid off at school because stopping to get donuts and go to the library is more fun.  I take life slower now that I have my kiddo.  Cylus likes to think he is 3 going on 30, not sure where he gets his independent attitude from".  ; )  

Cylus's world consists of lots of trains, naps and snacks!
I cannot say he is your typical three year old because the compassion that flows from him reminds you of an old soul.
As for Tashianna, she is finishing her Bachelors in International Business and then off to Law School.  She shared with me:  "I made Cylus a promise to acheive that goal and I will see it to the end".