I met you on this very day, April 1st back in 2003.   13 years later, I adore you still, like it was the first day we met.  This blog post is to thank you for being wonderfully you.

I want to thank you for seeing a talent in me that I overlooked for 10 years and help grow that talent into a successful business.  I should have listened sooner.

 I want to thank you for picking me up when I felt heavy and down.  Being my light when I couldn't see straight because I was so frustrated and lost.  When things felt sticky and overwhelming and I wanted to give up, you encouraged me to keep going.

I want to thank you for the little love tokens you do because you know it helps me.  Like bringing me coffee every morning because you know I was up late creating, working and barely slept.  Dealing with my grumpy morning attitude is not fun, I know.  I don't really like myself either in the mornings  ; )

I want to thank you for setting the example of leadership in your household and in The Marine Corps.  It's a wonderful feeling to be a women who can say her spouse is the epitome of what a real man is and should be.

I want to thank you for loving me when I wasn't really lovable.  When we love someone at their darkest, we then teach them how to truly love.  Thank you for teaching me how to let my love grow.

To my Best Friend...  I love you.

Washington DC Photographer |  Lacey O