As you grow in your photography business it is a great feeling.  The thrill of your growing numbers of shoots and clients is obviously ideal.  Until you realize how much time you are spending in front of your computer... editing.  UGH.

Washington DC Photographer |  Photographer's Edit, Editing and Post Processing

My photography business tripled in a year and a half when I first opened in September of 2013. A total blessing but I was constantly in front of the computer editing and I felt I was spending less quality time with my husband and children.  I'd go to bed and lie awake feeling a sense of guilt that I didn't talk to them enough of about their day because I was constantly editing in my office.  I also felt like I was getting behind in other areas and to-do's of my life that were important.  Which causes unnecessary yet added stress.  

I personally feel that your family comes first.  The time you have with your family and all that goes along with running your family is not given the most and best of you, there is no true success.  This is why I decided to out source to Photographer's Edit.  Why?  I knew I had to manage my time better and less stress.

I'm a full time photographer, entrepreneur, Leader for Tuesday's Together in Oceanside, CA for The Rising Tide Society, a mother of 3 and a spouse to a very busy United States Marine. And to be honest furthermore, I'm not a big fan of tedious color correcting.  

Photographers Edit will handle culling, color corrections and custom retouching.  I upload my photos, they tell you how many days it should be completed in (they are super timely) and its emailed to me to my specifications.  You can set your white balance, brightness and contrast through them so that your photos remain consistent with your photographic voice along with 2 presets and it costs about 23 cents a photo.

Since I have been outsourcing to Photographer's Edit I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders with the editing process.  I have more time to spend with family, friends, other areas of business.  This is a huge blessing to me and I'm grateful for such a company in my industry that helps enrich the quality of a busy photographer's life.

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