Recently I interviewed and hired a photographer to join my team.  But before I could, I needed to think about what I wanted in a photographer for my business.  So here are a few tips that was/is a factor for me in my decision making.  Oh and my photographer, made me, "hashtag ugly laugh" on our shoot.  Kind of like Kim Kardashian's #UglyCry Meme that is floating out there on the internet... but a laugh instead.  Which brings me to my first tip:

1) Authenticity.

If I feel that my interaction with a potential photographer is stiff, formal and almost robotic in response, I can't hang.  Why?  I tense up. I can't put my guard down. I'm having the circulating thoughts in my head of, "Who is this guy/girl, really though?"

2) Cohesive to Aesthetics to your Brand.

My photographic voice is cool balanced with pops of color, bright, true to life vibes, and bold.  I can't bring aboard a photographer that produces warm images, darker images, etc. ( You can see a further example of my photographic voice and brand here. 

3)  Connectivity.

I need to feel like I can be personable with my photographer.  Believe it or not, I get super nervous being in front of a camera, be it a simple photo or video.  I need to be able to share concerns, insecurities, and why I have super dark bags under my eyes because my two dogs want to be let outside at 3AM and I'm not on top of my game. (Pretty sure that was a run-on sentence)
It's good to be able to talk to your photographer and have them understand, along with help making me "Wurk It"

4)  Good Work Ethic.

Look,  I have things to do.  You have things to do.  Life has things to do.  I need quality work with a reasonable turn-around.  I'm not trying to wait for my images and receive them well into my 80's or not at all.

I hope these tips give you some insight and are helpful.  I also hope that my image below of my #UglyLaugh makes you laugh.  Because laughter, my sweet friend, you're winning no matter what!

SideBar:  Hey Robyn!  My brilliant photographer for my team,  I know your reading this boo.  Thank you for such a great day and making me laugh hard!  It was much needed! XO!