I think when your husband brings you coffee and cinnamon rolls in bed, you're starting out your Sunday pretty darn fabulous.  I think when your husband brings you coffee and CoQ10 on a Monday morning, he knows you might be starting your Monday out pretty intense and busy.

I'm not a morning person.  I REPEAT for your well being... I'm not a morning person ; )  My husband definitely knows this about me and demonstrates such grace every morning by this little love token in the mornings.  It honestly means a lot to me.

I've always been inspired by how my husband demonstrates grace.  You see, he is a U.S. Marine going on his 18th year.  He has been to nearly every country, been in combat due to war and yet he has not let the harshness of this world harden him or make him hateful.  He, although not perfect like any of us, still tries his best to meet everyone and every situation with GRACE.  That type of consistent awareness takes great focus.  

This realization I had about him made me think:  "Do I need to check myself on the topic of grace?"  The answer is yes!  Constantly!

Daily, we interact with people.  Who have other life experiences, feelings and therefore, understandings.  There is always a reason as to their why.  We may not connect.  We may connect.  Either way, the person that I'm interacting with in a positive way or a negative way, have I demonstrated grace?

This could be reaching out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a dogs age, giving them a hello and a compliment at how they are slaying fabulously at life or rocking a new hair color.

This could be giving an apology where it is due. Or giving forgiveness where it is due.

It could be as simple as letting a person over in traffic, although you are running a little late.

I consider grace, acts of kindness.  We ALL can appreciate acts of kindness.  I know I sure do and I'm grateful for those that demonstrate it in my life.  Heck,  in a way I'm grateful for those that do not demonstrate it.  It shows me exactly what to be and what not to be.

So today,  I encourage you to think about someone you can demonstrate grace too.  And yes friend, bringing a grumpy non- morning person coffee, cinnamon rolls and CoQ10 is a great way to demonstrate grace ; )

My outfit by: Banana Republic
Shane's outfit by:  Old Navy

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My Interview on Becoming Love Project

My interview on the Becoming Love podcast went live! 

Tamala Baldwin, of Soul Kisses TV and the Becoming Love Project and I had such a blast and I am THRILLED to be a part of this newly launched podcast that focuses on creating heaven on earth by going within.

I speak about my child abuse growing up and moving out of your comfort zones to create the life you truly want. There are so many people that experience trauma and as a result, may lose their way. During this segment, I share about my child abuse and I offer some straight, unfiltered, bad ass advice to get people going again. 

Give it a listen to learn more about answering moving beyond the past to create the life you deserve.


What She Said To Me At My Going Away Party...

She said to me at my going away party friends threw for me,
  "Lacey, I feel like you JUST got your feet planted in the ground here in San Diego. I'm a little concerned...  Aren't you afraid you are going to have to start all over again in D.C. or it won't go as well?"

My first thought was, WTH.  Who says that to a person who is having big changes happen in their life? And what was up with the backhanded compliment? JUST got my feet planted in the ground? Um, no.   
The funny thing about it was I planned in advance and had business already set up in D.C. well before my move.

 But then I realized instantly she was a person who was projecting her own fears, insecurities, incapabilities and self-made limitations unto me.  In that moment I felt really sorry for her.  Not irritated. Just sorry for her.  What a miserable mentality to have in your mind and spirit... and that mentality is by choice, mind you.

When people try to prick you like a cactus with their words and negativity, trying to cultivate a culture of fear, self doubt, worry in you,  IGNORE IT.  It is a reflection of where they are at internally and their self-made limitations are just that, THEIRS. It has nothing to do with you.  So chuck up a deuce, wish them well and keep it moving.  You have a much bigger focus.


Photos Are Your Legacy

"Photos are your legacy" I realized recently while taking pictures of my 3 children, Chasey, Zane and Gracey at Bates Nut Farm in California. My husband, kids and I were having a family day celebrating the autumn season and picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.

As a mother, I know it's super important to have photos of your children for the memories, for yourself.  But I find it more important to have photos for your grandchildren and their grandchildren (so on and so forth)  But here is why I think why...

These photos are a precious story and legacy you leave behind for the generations to showcase your family.  If we did not have photos to help tell the story, we don't have the full on history of events, moments, where you have visited or lived, etc... basically, what makes you uniquely you!  Knowing our roots and beginning plays the biggest part of who we are.  It helps preserve the beautiful foundation that is 'Family'. 

My Response... A Disciplined Schedule

I was recently asked by a fellow entrepreneur, "how did you grow your business so quickly?"  My response... A disciplined schedule.

That means waking at 5:30 every morning even when I don't want to.  Following a schedule that I map out on 3 different calendars in advance for my clients, my shoots and post production, my blog, my social media, my family and of course, scheduling time for my workouts and taking care of me.  I show up, dressed up, no matter how I feel.

 That means, you're allowed 5 emotional minutes and then you gotta be gangsta.

Hard work beats talent any day when talent is hardly working.  Just because a person has a talent doesn't mean things should just be granted to you.  You have to be disciplined in your work ethics.

For the New Year, map out a disciplined schedule for yourself and business.  Follow it to the T.  You'd be surprised the leaps and bounds you'll make.

You're not alone friend.  We're in this entrepreneur community together.  Feel free to write me for any question you might have at:

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Invest in your health | Yes.  I'm a firm believer on the matter.  However I'm writing this to you feeling super sluggish and combating wanting to hibernate due to the winter season... even in sunny San Diego.  So I'm going to inhale a smoothie after I write this ; )

As a busy wife, mother, photographer and entrepreur I need to invest in me and my health as equally as much as I give to the mentioned above.  That starts with eating right first thing in the morning (along with my bucket of coffee ; )  I usually start off my mornings with a nutrient enriched smoothie.

Smoothies are a fast way to kick start your day and feed your body with what it needs to keep going.  One of my favorites I make is a Kale/Berry Smoothie.

 Nutrient packed in Vitamins A-D, Protein, Iron, Calcuium and Omega's my body is totally fed and rejuvenated (possibly my soul too because it's so freakin'  healthy ; )

Recipe to jump start your mornings:

  • 1 1/2 Cups of Frozen Black Berries & Raspberry Blend
  • 1/2 Cup of Shredded Kale
  • 3/4 Cup of Plain Chobani Yogurt
  • 1/2 of a Banana
  • 2 TBSP of Honey
  • 1 TBSP of Almond Butter
  • 1 TBSP of Chia Seeds
  • Blend, Enjoy and Slay Your Day!

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You know what? In life, I always feel the calm is after the storm.

Yes, I know.  That is not how the saying goes. But that is how I choose to look at things. There are always difficulties and hardships in life. The thing is it never lasts forever. It shall pass. You will come out on top with a new, fresh perspective, which in turn helps you become a better you in business and in your personal life. Any hardship or challenge I embrace and hunker down through because I know that calm after the storm is going to be a beautiful thing. 

Here, in Oceanside, California... we had our calm after the storm this evening.

Washington DC Photographer |  The Calm After the Storm


Washington DC Photographer |  Lacey O

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed & like I didn't have a moment to breathe.  Busy with shoots, traveling & workflow.  My 3 children being home on summer vacation and the countless other taskers that have nothing to do with business. 

It can be freaking exhausting!

Sound familiar?

Guess what... You made it through the day and you did great!  Give yourself that pep talk, sleep & attack the next day with as much go get 'em, 

enthusiasm, grace & hustle.  YOU'RE A ROCKSTAR! Don't forget it!

if you see something beautiful in someone, speak it

A quote from an interior designer that I just adore, Ruthie Lindsey,  spoken simplistically & straight to the point:


I recently was paid the compliment "You love and live boldly, Lacey."  

The thing is the person who paid me this compliment had/has no idea that the source of this boldness was derived from being a survivor of child abuse... Physically, mentally & emotionally.   A child who always felt not quite loved, who felt insecure a lot, dumb & always inadequate. Who lived with anxiety a lot and fear. Who was taught that I deserved my child abuse when I was being "bad".  

Hearing this compliment sure put some pep in my step and reminded me to continue to ignore those that want to dull my sparkle because they are afraid to shine.  
To keep on living and loving boldly because of the example it gives & to tell people more what is beautiful about them.  
You never know the story of a person. You never know how hearing that simple compliment might have given them something they truly need to continue to aspire and/or possibly heal.

So, if you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.

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I met you on this very day, April 1st back in 2003.   13 years later, I adore you still, like it was the first day we met.  This blog post is to thank you for being wonderfully you.

I want to thank you for seeing a talent in me that I overlooked for 10 years and help grow that talent into a successful business.  I should have listened sooner.

 I want to thank you for picking me up when I felt heavy and down.  Being my light when I couldn't see straight because I was so frustrated and lost.  When things felt sticky and overwhelming and I wanted to give up, you encouraged me to keep going.

I want to thank you for the little love tokens you do because you know it helps me.  Like bringing me coffee every morning because you know I was up late creating, working and barely slept.  Dealing with my grumpy morning attitude is not fun, I know.  I don't really like myself either in the mornings  ; )

I want to thank you for setting the example of leadership in your household and in The Marine Corps.  It's a wonderful feeling to be a women who can say her spouse is the epitome of what a real man is and should be.

I want to thank you for loving me when I wasn't really lovable.  When we love someone at their darkest, we then teach them how to truly love.  Thank you for teaching me how to let my love grow.

To my Best Friend...  I love you.

Washington DC Photographer |  Lacey O


My friend vented to me how life was feeling currently tangled.  Heavy, frustrating.  Ugh.  I know the feeling.  Heck, we all do.  It feels sticky and exhausting.  You lose motivation.

Life happens.  You're going to get off course.  That's part of the journey.  Just come back to it.

What I do when I get off course is take a personal day.  Evaluate what is disorganized in my life.  Write down a PLAN OF ATTACK TODAY. APPLY TOMORROW with a set schedule.  Checking off things as I go.  Visually, all the little check marks motivates me more.  I see all that I have accomplished in that day and I come twice as motivated and strong the following day building that momentum to dominate all my life's goals and dreams. 


 The fear of "failing."  The "what- if's." These little things we let circulate in our brain and hold us back from daring to do our dream.  But here is what I think and that I have fully applied to all things in life:

If you are not failing then you are not moving.  Just embrace it.  Shake the negative feels off.  Emotions are temporary.  Learn from it.  Keep it moving.  Apply the new knowledge the next time. The best way I have learned was just to stop dreaming about it and just DARE MYSELF TO DO. 

Washington DC Photographer |  Lacey O


Obviously,  if you started a business you dreamt a dream.  You still dream.  You have a vision and a passion and it drove you to take a big step on becoming an entrepreneur.  How beautifully bold is that?!

Me, personally, I dream really big.  So big that it is a part of my power source with driving my ambition.  But, at times, when one is a super duper ambitious person, one has a tendancy to want to be at Z already instead of focusing on A, B and C ( or whatever letter/stage you are currently and fabulously at : ) 

I have found when I do not enjoy and celebrate the small steps of progress, but more so focused on being at Z, things start to feel heavy. Sticky.  Not as joyful.  I lose focus on why I love what I do...


Washington DC Photographer |  Lacey O Photography