Busy Photographer


Battling that mid-day slump? Here are 5 little things I do to give me a little pick-me-up for optimal output for my productivity:
Eat/snack on something healthy that helps boost your energy. I understand that we are constantly around a lot of fast food restaurants at work and it seems easier to just to grab a burger or chips, but it will not fuel your mind or body the way it really needs. All it does is give your stomach that instant gratification/full feeling. It does give you nutrients that will have you running longer.
Mid-day is a great time to start checking off completed tasks on your list. When doing so, even if you still have things left to do, it gives you a visual sense and therefore an emotional satisfaction that you are making progress and gains.
Don't eat lunch/take your break with gossips. If you are a SAHM, Entrepreneur, PTA/PTO, or work for corporate, whatever it is you do, it’s only going to distract your focus by having your brain energy wasted on negativity. You don't have time for that. If you do have time for gossips, you're clearly not working to your full advantage. 
Give at least 2 kind compliments on your break. You're not the only one that feels their energy is running low or feeling the weight of world is on their shoulders. Best way to uplift yourself is to uplift another. This practice generates happiness which happiness is an energetic emotion. I throughly take joy in seeing someone else perk up and feel good about a compliment given. Wouldn't you want to hear a pro about yourself?
Drink water. Feeling like a slug moving through the fog? Friend, that's not a good look. Dehydration plays a HUGE roll in feeling fatigued and lack of concentration. Your body is made up of about 60% of water. That is more than half! So for the love of productivity, hydrate!


Oh the busy photographers grind... answering clients questions, meeting with clients, scheduling clients, arriving at photoshoots and editing. The workflow list goes on and on.  But thats just business... don't forget your personal life (me being a mother of 3 and married to a Marine my schedule is insane!)  Sometimes I get so busy in a day I forget to eat.  Actually strike that,  I'm starving and the epitome of the word "HANGRY" but I grit through it because I have a job to do.  

The more your business grows the busier your schedule becomes the less time you have to take care of yourself... but you must make yourself just as equally a priority so that you can run things with the utmost opitmitization.  

I saw on Pinterest this idea on making layered salads in mason jars!  I prep mine on a Sunday night for myself and my family.  They stay fresh and easy to grab and throw in your tote when you are on the go!  Chop full of energizing goodness that will refuel and refresh you!  


Washington DC Photographer |  Quick Salad Idea for the Busy Photographer