Busyness vs Presence


Washington DC Photographer |  Busyness vs Presence

In a world where "busyness" is valued more than presence, today I'm posting a photo of how I relax... Taking my children to the park with my husband.  

To be real, I'm a work horse when I put my mind to something.  I forge away until what is in my mind is fully accomplished.  It is a good thing about me & a bad thing.  As I grow in my business which in turn is me growing more in my character, I've come to the realization that no amount of busyness, hustle, grind & success is worth not spending time with those you love.  Time is a fleeting thing & so very precious.  When I make sure to put my family as a priority & give them the very best of me (not what is left over from my busyness) I'm enveloped in peace & contentment. My balance is restored & I can get back to work refreshed. 

 So today,  whatever is your peace & contentment, go with it. Refresh!  Today is a good day to have a good day. ; )

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