I think when your husband brings you coffee and cinnamon rolls in bed, you're starting out your Sunday pretty darn fabulous.  I think when your husband brings you coffee and CoQ10 on a Monday morning, he knows you might be starting your Monday out pretty intense and busy.

I'm not a morning person.  I REPEAT for your well being... I'm not a morning person ; )  My husband definitely knows this about me and demonstrates such grace every morning by this little love token in the mornings.  It honestly means a lot to me.

I've always been inspired by how my husband demonstrates grace.  You see, he is a U.S. Marine going on his 18th year.  He has been to nearly every country, been in combat due to war and yet he has not let the harshness of this world harden him or make him hateful.  He, although not perfect like any of us, still tries his best to meet everyone and every situation with GRACE.  That type of consistent awareness takes great focus.  

This realization I had about him made me think:  "Do I need to check myself on the topic of grace?"  The answer is yes!  Constantly!

Daily, we interact with people.  Who have other life experiences, feelings and therefore, understandings.  There is always a reason as to their why.  We may not connect.  We may connect.  Either way, the person that I'm interacting with in a positive way or a negative way, have I demonstrated grace?

This could be reaching out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a dogs age, giving them a hello and a compliment at how they are slaying fabulously at life or rocking a new hair color.

This could be giving an apology where it is due. Or giving forgiveness where it is due.

It could be as simple as letting a person over in traffic, although you are running a little late.

I consider grace, acts of kindness.  We ALL can appreciate acts of kindness.  I know I sure do and I'm grateful for those that demonstrate it in my life.  Heck,  in a way I'm grateful for those that do not demonstrate it.  It shows me exactly what to be and what not to be.

So today,  I encourage you to think about someone you can demonstrate grace too.  And yes friend, bringing a grumpy non- morning person coffee, cinnamon rolls and CoQ10 is a great way to demonstrate grace ; )

My outfit by: Banana Republic
Shane's outfit by:  Old Navy

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