Community Over Competition

What She Said To Me At My Going Away Party...

She said to me at my going away party friends threw for me,
  "Lacey, I feel like you JUST got your feet planted in the ground here in San Diego. I'm a little concerned...  Aren't you afraid you are going to have to start all over again in D.C. or it won't go as well?"

My first thought was, WTH.  Who says that to a person who is having big changes happen in their life? And what was up with the backhanded compliment? JUST got my feet planted in the ground? Um, no.   
The funny thing about it was I planned in advance and had business already set up in D.C. well before my move.

 But then I realized instantly she was a person who was projecting her own fears, insecurities, incapabilities and self-made limitations unto me.  In that moment I felt really sorry for her.  Not irritated. Just sorry for her.  What a miserable mentality to have in your mind and spirit... and that mentality is by choice, mind you.

When people try to prick you like a cactus with their words and negativity, trying to cultivate a culture of fear, self doubt, worry in you,  IGNORE IT.  It is a reflection of where they are at internally and their self-made limitations are just that, THEIRS. It has nothing to do with you.  So chuck up a deuce, wish them well and keep it moving.  You have a much bigger focus.


The Rising Tide Society

As I started my journey, 3 years ago, as an entrepreneur in the photography industry I was ignorantly optimistic on what it really is to be an entrepreneur.

I had sugar plum visions of only glitz, glamour and grandeur.  Although those things do come with hard work and time, I had never ever felt more alone in my frustrations and development.

Don't get me wrong, I had a multitude of support from my spouse and friends.  But there was something still missing.  I just couldn't put my finger on what was missing.  I was constantly was talking to God about it and asking for guidance and direction.

I was carrying this alone feeling around for about a year and then one day while I was surfing the web I stumbled across a article about how an “entrepreneur needs community and support.” and recommended the Rising Tide Society

To be honest I didn't read the whole article through.  I was skim reading but when my eyes fell upon the words "an entrepreneur needs community and support."  Man oh man did those words sync with my alone feelings I was struggling with.

 I quickly looked up their website and fell in love with the Rising Tide Society's why, purpose and mission. A society that is about community over competition along with being a place to encourage, support and educate small business owners.

But it gets even better than that!  

Around the U.S. creatives and entrepreneurs meet in different cities on the second Tuesday of every month over coffee and conversation, to learn, build, connect, support and grow. This fabulousness called Tuesdays Together.

I was over joyed and looked up a meet-up group close to where I lived.  I met a lot of great people.  I felt a sense of “ Lacey, you are not alone in your feelings, everyone feels this way at times.”  With that being said, I wasn’t feeling as alone but more so understood and encouraged.  The heaviness lifted! : )

Where I’m at now with the Rising Tide Society I couldn’t be happier.  I was selected by the Rising Tide Society to start and lead a Tuesday’s Together chapter in Oceanside, California and serving those that are in the Surrounding North County of San Diego, California.

I have gained many friends, many resources and continue to grow as an entrepreneur and leader through the Rising Tide Society.  So if you are feeling alone and lost in your entrepreneurship, just know you got a friend in the community that is the Rising Tide Society.

If you would like to learn more about the Rising Tide Society and get connected with a Tuesday’s Together group in your city visit their website at:

And when you have connected with your Tuesdays Together group, let me know!  Comment below or shoot me an email.  I'd love to hear about it!

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