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Escondido, CA Maternity Session + Erica

Recently, I had the great pleasure of shooting a maternity session, in Escondido, California for my childhood friend, Erica.  

Erica Brauer has been in the Los Angeles area since 2001, where she attended USC as an undergraduate, majoring in biology and minoring in theatre.  Shortly after graduating she founded a theatre company now known as Above the Curve Theatre, a black box non-profit theatre known for producing quality shows with a minimum participation of 50% females. In 2013, she became a full-time science teacher, and now teaches chemistry at Granada Hills Charter High School.  She continues to run her theatre company and perform around the city with other companies as well. In addition, she is involved with a non-profit called buildOn, in which she takes high school students to third world countries to build schools for those less fortunate.

Erica met Ian and his beautiful daughter Avery almost three years ago.  Erica and Ian seem quite perfect for each other, as they balance out each other's craziness.  Their relationship has already survived Ian's back surgery and other hurtles that many couples do not have to go through so early on, which has only made them stronger together.  She has inspired him to go back to school, and he has supported her in her journey to get a Master's in Science Education as well.  They love their time with Avery, and have watched her flourish into a sweet, energetic little girl.  When Erica found out she was pregnant with one of her own, she was ecstatic. Although not perhaps the way she imagined it would all happen, she very much believes in fate and God's will, and truly believes this miracle was meant to happen right now. 

Pregnancy for her has not been the smoothest of processes.  Erica was sick for the first 6 months or so, making it difficult to maintain her normally active and healthy lifestyle.  She has always been a very disciplined eater and exerciser, but those first few months made it tough.  Once that had passed, her pregnancy has been much smoother.  Of course there are certain discomforts here and there, but she will cherish the first time she heard his heartbeat, the first time she saw his little nose in an ultrasound, and the first time she felt him kick.  She feels lucky to have this experience, and is grateful every day for her little miracle.

** Erica and Ian welcomed Hudson Jameson Cochran into the world at 3:28 PM on January 31st.  Erica, Baby Hudson and family are over- joyed and doing fantastic!


Washington DC Photographer | Engagement Photography

Jason and Vanessa met in middle school and began dating in high school. 
The two were married in 2007 and moved to Nevada where Jason was stationed with the Navy.

Washington DC Photographer | Engagement Photography

Life, with all of it's complications, unfortunately, they lost their way and separated, both moving to San Diego in separate homes.

Now this sounds more of a tradgedy than a love story for a couple's shoot.  Reader's do not fret!  When connections are real, they simply never die.  They can be buried, ignored and walked away from, but NEVER broken.  When you deeply resonate with a person or place the connection remains despite any circumstance, distance, time or lack of presence.  Real connections live on forever and that is the epitome of Jason and Vanessa's bond they have to each other. They always kept in contact, no matter how far the distance or circumstance.

Washington DC Photographer | Engagement Photography

Over 7 years of deployments for Jason.  Law school and the bar exam for Vanessa, they found their way back to one another. They are now happily remarried, recently purchased their first home, and welcomed a new fur-baby into their house.

Washington DC Photographer | Engagement + Wedding Photography
Washington DC Photographer | Engagement + Wedding Photography

They have fantastic plans and hopes to continue to grow their beautiful family to add to Jason's son/ Vanessa's step-son, Maddox, and their two dogs, Nissa and Jackie. 

Washington DC Photographer | Engagement + Wedding Photography

You can say, these two are better together.  But I feel it is deeper than that.  Some people were destined to be together before they were spoken into exsistence, like it was almost written on the stars... that is Vanessa and Jason.