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How They Met-

Paloma and Robert met through a mutual friend named, Shawna.  They were in college and Paloma invited Shawna to her 20th birthday party.  

Shawna showed up with Robert and a few other friends. Nothing really happened that night but Robert was one of the last people to leave the party.  Paloma shared with me giggling, "It's funny because I have a picture of us with me, after a few too many drinks, with a blanket and my legs plopped over him." 

Paloma and Robert didn't really keep in touch, maybe a few messages over Facebook but nothing serious. 4 years later Shawna invited Paloma out to downtown San Diego and there Robert was!

Paloma said, "I remember I kept looking at him out of the corner of my eye, I wanted to talk to him but was too shy and nervous. Shawna and the rest of the group wanted to go to another bar and I don't remember who suggested it.  Probably him because I was looking fiiiiiiiiine that night! Joking but not really!"
But instead, Paloma and Robert stayed behind. They sat in a intimate corner of the bar and just talked.  

Robert thought he had Paloma's phone number from when they met in college so he didn't ask for her number.  Fast forward to the following week and Paloma gets a message on Facebook from Robert saying he had an interesting conversation with the owner of my old phone number!

 A few months later he asked me to be his girlfriend at Disneyland, December 17 2011. 


About the proposal- 

He proposed exactly five years from the date he asked Paloma to be his girlfriend. December 17 2016.

Paloma explained, " I was actually kinda bummed going into our anniversary weekend because a few weeks prior I had asked him what he wanted to do for our big five year.  He told me that he had told our good friend Sam that we would go out with him to celebrate his 30th birthday on our actual anniversary date!  I was like whhhhhhat?!?! You do know it's our five year right... and we're gonna celebrate someone's birthday?!" 

She said, "I was a little ( aka a lot lol) pissed, but he was like don't worry I have something cool planned on Sunday!"

Paloma shared with me that she thought, "Okay, I guess it's not that big of a deal to celebrate the next day and I knew he would have something really cool planned because he usually does!"

 In their great group of friends, birthdays are a big deal.  Especially now that everyone is turning 30.  So a bunch of their friends were flying in or coming into town.  So Paloma didn't think anything of it.

Paloma and Robert met up with everyone at the Nolen in downtown San Diego.  Everything is chill and they all were having a good time.

All of the sudden Robert clears his throat and everyone quiets down.  Paloma said to me, " I was like oh shoot it's happening!"

At the proposal Robert told Paloma that he had been planning this night for several months and had everyone come into town so that they could be part of the surprise!

Paloma adoringly shared with me, "One of my favorite things about his proposal was when he told me that love wasn't about finding someone to live with but someone you can't live without." (Talk about a smooth operator Robert!)

 Then he got down on one knee and asked the big question! Of course Paloma said YES!

Paloma said, "Funny thing was, I was so nervous and I didn't know what hand the ring was supposed to go on so I gave him the wrong hand!  Now that I look back there are so many clues that he was planning to propose that night but I had no idea until he started talking - he got me good! We spent the rest of the night celebrating with 15 of really good friends."

A Little Love Note From, Lacey O.-

Paloma + Robert,
  I enjoyed our engagement session at Balboa Park in San Diego.  It was great meeting Shawna (shoutout to you Shawna for making all of us laugh constantly) and your sweet little fur baby, Bonita.  I'm so extremely happy for you both.  You two go together like cookies and milk!  Cheers to your love, success and many more years together.

With BIG Love,

- Lacey O.


What's Damaging Your Happiness + Productivity

What's Damaging Your Happiness and Productivity | Lacey O Photography

I have had to ask myself this question many times in life and with business when I was feeling off, sad, confused, frustrated and overall not focused.  

I have always been drawn to running at high performance in all topics of life.  I love the feeling of being accomplished, productive, kicking-ass and taking names ; )

But what is being productive?  It is how much output you create from focused effort you put in your Life, Business and Mind.

The brain at a positive state is 31% more productive than at negative state or neutral state.  31% more productive!  Y'all,  I personally would feel great getting 31% more done in my day!  How much better would you feel?!

But how do we get to a more positive mind set? Self Motivation.  

Self Motivation is like showering.  You do not have to take a shower everyday, but hell, it's recommended.  In order to self motivate take a moment to identify and write down:

1)  Your Purpose + Meaning

2)  Why is this your Purpose + Meaning

Now looking at what you wrote down. You have pretty freakin' important stuff, right?!  You have a fabulous purpose in life.  You have fabulous reasons to motivate you.  

But what is damaging your happiness, productivity and motivation?  Here is a list of things to consider.  Write down those that apply to you in life and I encourage you to have an authentic/honest moment and write down things that may not even be listed:

1) Over eating/Under Eating

2) Processed Foods/Unhealthy Diet

3) Alcohol Consumption/Drugs/Smoking

4) Lack of Water

5) Sitting Around/Down Too Much

6) Lack of Focus

7) Toxic Relationship(s)

8) Negative Friends/Family

9) Negative Self Talk/Always Complaining

10) Worrying/Anxiety/Stress

Now that you have identified the things that are interfering with your happiness and productivity, I'm going to bring you back to the topic of, Performance.

When I think of my Performance, I want:

1)  to be productive

2) to be accomplished

3) to create efficiently

4) to feel good while doing it all!

So how do I achieve this high-performance, happiness and productivity?
Set a schedule for you business and personal life.  Eliminate the bullshit.

You as a person and in your business are always going to be evolving.  That is a serious process in itself.  It can be draining.  But if you have all these negative interferences (like the list you made) and your time and schedule isn't being utilized proficiently, you have zapped your Happiness + Productivity.  So like I said, eliminate the bullshit.

I take about 15 minutes,  every Sunday night, AFTER THE KIDS ARE IN BED, to write down and review my schedule for the week.  I then divide up my taskers per day, in a check list, that I mark off as I go.  There is a feeling of accomplishment when you check things off.  If you make just one large to-do list, it might give you the sense of feeling overwhelmed.  So that is why I suggest breaking up the taskers into daily increments. 

The final thing I really want to touch base on with you, friend, is toxic relationships.  I truly feel that this effects the majority of our happiness, productivity and well being.  I feel it causes stress, that can lead to overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.  Over all it is a vicious cycle of abuse that is a huge time waster.

I, in my personal life, have eliminated friends and even family members that are hurtful,  all consuming, manipulative, dishonest and self righteous.   When I chose to do this in my personal life, I gained such freedom, happiness and have never cared to look back because what I gained in freedom and happiness was and still is far more valuable than that relationship that was just harming me.

 If it is not a relationship that builds you up, encourages and stimulates your growth, inspiring, encompassed by love... have the self respect, close the door and deadbolt it.  Never invite any of that negativity back in.  

You are meant for glorious and wonderful things in your life, purpose and the people around you.  You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.

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Sarah + Hayden | met in High School, their Freshman year.  Having a few classes together, they became friends pretty quickly. After Sarah’s Freshman year of high school, she moved to another state and they only talked every once in a while. During that time, Hayden made it a point to check up on her though.

Fast forward several years and it wasn’t until Sarah’s Sophomore year of College when they started to talk to each other consistently.  

Hayden was stationed in Norfolk, VA with the U.S. Navy and Sarah was still in Knoxville, TN getting my degree so communication was mainly texting and FaceTime.  

One day, on the phone, Hayden asked Sarah if he had any right to dislike a guy paying her attention. She remember being so excited knowing that he might be feeling the way that she had been the past few weeks… into each other.

They decided then that they wanted to try dating, but wanted to wait until Hayden was home for the holidays to make it “official”.  Soon enough he was home for Christmas.  

Hayden had a crush on Sarah since Highschool and with those lingering feelings he pretty much drove straight from Norfolk to pick Sarah up for their first date (he even had flowers and a teddy bear waiting for her in the car).

They went to Steak n’ Shake since it was so late and stayed up even later that night watching Elf, talking and enjoying each other's company.

They spent most of his leave time at home together and have been together ever since! Due to Hayden serving in the military, Hayden had a 10 m0nth deployment.  Plus their relationship has been long distance for its entirety, which has made things hard, but they knew if they stuck it out long enough the distance would come to an end.

Since returning from deployment, Hayden is stationed out in San Diego and Sarah visits as much as she possibly can. Now they are newly engaged and found out that Hayden’s next set of orders with the Navy are in Rota, Spain! They decided they didn’t want to be apart that long so soon they embark on their new journey together to travel the world. They even already have a bucket list started.