Julian California


Charlotte and Donny first met in downtown San Diego, California, 6 years ago (this coming February) Donny was 27 and Charlotte had just turned 22.

Charlotte and her friends were standing in line at a club called Double Deuce and so was Donny standing in line with his friends. 

Charlotte shared with me, “I saw him in line with his friends, he was pretty easy on the eyes and I remember he was wearing a beanie.”

Donny and his friends were really excited that they got to go into the bar for only $5 per person which was less then the usual cover. Charlotte and her friends got in for free.  Later that night they bumped into each other on the dance floor (literally) as they were the only ones jumping up and down dancing to the club music that was on. He yelled to her "I love club music" and she said "me too" then she proceeded to jokingly rub it in his face that her and her friends got in for free.

 He offered to buy her a shot and suggested Vodka. She suggested said Tequila with a smile.  They took a shot, talked amongst their friends and she gave him her number. They parted ways for the night.

The next morning Charlotte got a text from Donny and she was so giddy!  For the next few weeks they text and talked on the phone for hours.

 Donny kept asking to go out with Charlotte but she was busy with work and school and she was really nervous as she had never been on a date before or had a boyfriend. 
Charlotte finally agreed to go on a date with Donny. She shared with me, “I was so nervous hoping that he'd think I was pretty.”

He suggested that they meet at the boardwalk and she asked him which one. He said the one in El Cajon...turns out the Boardwalk is a bowling alley and not the beach like she thought.

They met there and they got Icees, while Donny playfully teased Charlotte because she didn't want to mix the blue with the red.

As and Charlotte hung out, Donny told Charlotte stories about how he use to work there as a kid. They walked around and then played a couple games of pool.  Just chatting the night away.

Later, Donny wanted to grab something to eat so they walked out to the parking lot and started walking to his car. He motioned to his vehicle and said, “Mine is the truck” so she started walking to the huge truck but she walked to the wrong one. The 4Runner, that was his, was lifted and loud and she just loved it, being a Florida girl.

Charlotte couldn't decide where to eat so Donny took her to the mall food court. They got Subway and they talked and walked around the mall some more. They loved talking with one another.

They wanted to continue their date and decided to go drive around town. Having fun hanging out together, and Charlotte even started singing to songs on the radio!  She had never felt so comfortable around anyone!

It started raining later and Donny took them off-roading in the mud and they came across a rainbow.  They decided to follow it and drove to the end of the rainbow and saw the end of it!

Charlotte said, “I remember after our first date I thought to myself ‘he was fun, I don't see anything serious coming from it but he'd be a fun friend to hang out with.’ I had just moved back to San Diego from Florida so I hadn't made a ton of friends yet. The thing is the more time I spent with him the more fun I had!  I had fallen for him.”  

Everyone at Charlotte’s work and family had heard ALL about Donny because he was all she could talk about. They were inseparable.

Charlotte shared with me, “ I remember asking him one time, ‘why do you love me’ and he told me ‘because you're the only one who's ever believed in me’ and then asked me, ‘why do I loved him’ and I told him ‘because you're the only one I've felt like I could be 100% myself around and you still love me for it.”

This was just the beginning... their life together has been an amazing roller coaster of a ride and now that they are engaged and soon to be married. But they can always count on each other sitting in the seat next to each other holding each other’s hand. :)
They feel like they have a pretty great support system of friends and family. They are grateful for people that are cheering them on and they are so excited for their future together.