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Mornings are rough.  It can be hard waking up if you are not a morning person. Oh, and let us not forget the to-do's on our mind as soon as we wake up.  These things can instantly cause a negative morning.  As much as I'm not a morning person I'm more so not a person who likes to set up the day negative as soon as I get out of bed.  So here is my morning routine and priorities that I do to set my day off right for myself, family/friends and business.

The Rising Tide Society

As I started my journey, 3 years ago, as an entrepreneur in the photography industry I was ignorantly optimistic on what it really is to be an entrepreneur.

I had sugar plum visions of only glitz, glamour and grandeur.  Although those things do come with hard work and time, I had never ever felt more alone in my frustrations and development.

Don't get me wrong, I had a multitude of support from my spouse and friends.  But there was something still missing.  I just couldn't put my finger on what was missing.  I was constantly was talking to God about it and asking for guidance and direction.

I was carrying this alone feeling around for about a year and then one day while I was surfing the web I stumbled across a article about how an “entrepreneur needs community and support.” and recommended the Rising Tide Society

To be honest I didn't read the whole article through.  I was skim reading but when my eyes fell upon the words "an entrepreneur needs community and support."  Man oh man did those words sync with my alone feelings I was struggling with.

 I quickly looked up their website and fell in love with the Rising Tide Society's why, purpose and mission. A society that is about community over competition along with being a place to encourage, support and educate small business owners.

But it gets even better than that!  

Around the U.S. creatives and entrepreneurs meet in different cities on the second Tuesday of every month over coffee and conversation, to learn, build, connect, support and grow. This fabulousness called Tuesdays Together.

I was over joyed and looked up a meet-up group close to where I lived.  I met a lot of great people.  I felt a sense of “ Lacey, you are not alone in your feelings, everyone feels this way at times.”  With that being said, I wasn’t feeling as alone but more so understood and encouraged.  The heaviness lifted! : )

Where I’m at now with the Rising Tide Society I couldn’t be happier.  I was selected by the Rising Tide Society to start and lead a Tuesday’s Together chapter in Oceanside, California and serving those that are in the Surrounding North County of San Diego, California.

I have gained many friends, many resources and continue to grow as an entrepreneur and leader through the Rising Tide Society.  So if you are feeling alone and lost in your entrepreneurship, just know you got a friend in the community that is the Rising Tide Society.

If you would like to learn more about the Rising Tide Society and get connected with a Tuesday’s Together group in your city visit their website at:

And when you have connected with your Tuesdays Together group, let me know!  Comment below or shoot me an email.  I'd love to hear about it!

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With shoots and demands of business sometimes to refresh my creative soul I create something that is not in relation to my trade.  Sometimes I paint a picture, sculpt, do a furniture make-over, etc.  In turn the creative projects restore that balance of fun and I come back to business with renewal.  

What is something you do to refresh your creative soul?

Washington DC Photographer |  Refresh Your Creative Soul

It's Not About The Tools But About Hands, Eyes, Heart, And A Longing In The Soul To Create Beauty. - C. Weylandts

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It's a cool & cloudy ocean morning here in Oceanside, CA...I slept in and feel well rested.  Such a blessing!  I reserve my Sunday's strictly for relaxation & spiritual reflection about myself & business.  Reading this morning,  I came across the words "Always be a work in progress"  I couldn't agree more with the sentiment.  In business, relationships, etc.  There is always room for improvement with being and doing for those that are around you.  It's exciting really.  You strive to be a work in progress you'll always be metamorphosing into something better and beautiful for others.  Food for thought on your Sunday...

"Always Be A Work In Progress"  What is an inspirational quote you love?  I'd love to hear it!

Washington DC Photographer |  Always Be a Work in Progress


Washington DC Photographer |  Busyness vs Presence

In a world where "busyness" is valued more than presence, today I'm posting a photo of how I relax... Taking my children to the park with my husband.  

To be real, I'm a work horse when I put my mind to something.  I forge away until what is in my mind is fully accomplished.  It is a good thing about me & a bad thing.  As I grow in my business which in turn is me growing more in my character, I've come to the realization that no amount of busyness, hustle, grind & success is worth not spending time with those you love.  Time is a fleeting thing & so very precious.  When I make sure to put my family as a priority & give them the very best of me (not what is left over from my busyness) I'm enveloped in peace & contentment. My balance is restored & I can get back to work refreshed. 

 So today,  whatever is your peace & contentment, go with it. Refresh!  Today is a good day to have a good day. ; )

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I recently was in Oceanside, CA for a Maternity Session for Christina Schranz.

Meet Christina & Karl.  An amazing husband & wife duo with 4 amazing kids (two boys, Ages 17 & 2 And two girls age 14 & 11) with one more girl on the way!

Washington DC Photographer |  Lifestyle and Maternity Photography

They currently live in Colorado and while the mountains are gorgeous, Christina shared with me she is a total Southern Girl.  Born in South Georgia in a small farming town with the beaches of both Florida & Georgia just a short drive away.

Christina said, " I am a true mermaid at heart no matter what time of year it is.  The beaches are screaming for me."

Washington DC Photographer |  Lifestyle and Maternity Photography

Christina & her family moved to Colorado for her husband's career.  She said, " It has been great, but we are anxiously awaiting for the day when we can get closer to the ocean and back to my Southern way of life.  Bonfires, days spent boating, relaxing on beaches, getting muddy on 4 wheelers or just lounging under a hundred year old Oak tree.

Washington DC Photographer |  Lifestyle and Maternity Photography
Washington DC Photographer |  Lifestyle and Maternity Photography

When Christina can't get beachside she enjoys drawing & painting.  Usually it's mermaids or ocean life of some sort.  It is also a hobby she enjoys with her 2 older girls.  They paint & craft together.

Washington DC Photographer |  Lifestyle and Maternity Photography
Washington DC Photographer |  Lifestyle and Maternity Photography

Christina is currently a Domestic Goddess (aka Stay At Home Mom) with a medical background. (Super Woman!)

Christina shared with me, " These days I'm chasing a toddler that goes non stop while anticipating our sweet baby girl to arrive in October.  Life is blessed & good!"

if you see something beautiful in someone, speak it

A quote from an interior designer that I just adore, Ruthie Lindsey,  spoken simplistically & straight to the point:


I recently was paid the compliment "You love and live boldly, Lacey."  

The thing is the person who paid me this compliment had/has no idea that the source of this boldness was derived from being a survivor of child abuse... Physically, mentally & emotionally.   A child who always felt not quite loved, who felt insecure a lot, dumb & always inadequate. Who lived with anxiety a lot and fear. Who was taught that I deserved my child abuse when I was being "bad".  

Hearing this compliment sure put some pep in my step and reminded me to continue to ignore those that want to dull my sparkle because they are afraid to shine.  
To keep on living and loving boldly because of the example it gives & to tell people more what is beautiful about them.  
You never know the story of a person. You never know how hearing that simple compliment might have given them something they truly need to continue to aspire and/or possibly heal.

So, if you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.

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I met you on this very day, April 1st back in 2003.   13 years later, I adore you still, like it was the first day we met.  This blog post is to thank you for being wonderfully you.

I want to thank you for seeing a talent in me that I overlooked for 10 years and help grow that talent into a successful business.  I should have listened sooner.

 I want to thank you for picking me up when I felt heavy and down.  Being my light when I couldn't see straight because I was so frustrated and lost.  When things felt sticky and overwhelming and I wanted to give up, you encouraged me to keep going.

I want to thank you for the little love tokens you do because you know it helps me.  Like bringing me coffee every morning because you know I was up late creating, working and barely slept.  Dealing with my grumpy morning attitude is not fun, I know.  I don't really like myself either in the mornings  ; )

I want to thank you for setting the example of leadership in your household and in The Marine Corps.  It's a wonderful feeling to be a women who can say her spouse is the epitome of what a real man is and should be.

I want to thank you for loving me when I wasn't really lovable.  When we love someone at their darkest, we then teach them how to truly love.  Thank you for teaching me how to let my love grow.

To my Best Friend...  I love you.

Washington DC Photographer |  Lacey O


My friend vented to me how life was feeling currently tangled.  Heavy, frustrating.  Ugh.  I know the feeling.  Heck, we all do.  It feels sticky and exhausting.  You lose motivation.

Life happens.  You're going to get off course.  That's part of the journey.  Just come back to it.

What I do when I get off course is take a personal day.  Evaluate what is disorganized in my life.  Write down a PLAN OF ATTACK TODAY. APPLY TOMORROW with a set schedule.  Checking off things as I go.  Visually, all the little check marks motivates me more.  I see all that I have accomplished in that day and I come twice as motivated and strong the following day building that momentum to dominate all my life's goals and dreams.