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It's funny, how you have a goal, and you're riding on high hopes to achieve this goal, but then the goal chooses you, PLUS SOME...
My team and I shot in Ramona, California at the gorgeous @milagrowinery. However, on my way to the shoot, I got a flat tire on the I-5 and almost got into, what could have been, a rough car accident. I quickly called for roadside and arrived 30 minutes late. Which made me so mad because I'm always 30 minutes early.  I'M NEVER EVER LATE.  So needless to say, on the inside, I was upset.  Like REALLY upset.  On the outside, I refused to show it.  So I put on my game face and happy vibes and got to work.
Overall the shoot went well, despite it being 100 degrees.  My team and I were pretty exhausted in the end.  Everyone packed up and left, except my friend/model @notchanning_justtatum and I.  We decided to have a glass of wine and unwind.
It was getting dark and we decided to go since we were the only ones left on the property.  And that is when I realized, someone accidentally took my keys when everyone was cleaning up after the shoot.  So I was pretty much stranded and there was ZERO cell reception since we were so far out in the country.
@notchanning_justtatum stayed with me and we drove into town to get reception.  We called my husband, Shane, who like the knight and shining armor that he is, drove allll the way out to bring me my second pair of keys to my Jeep.
Now with all this unforeseen unpleasantries,  I could have from the very beginning called my back-up photographer to do the shoot and stayed home, since I was pretty rattled by the flat tire, potential car accident and not have dealt with what was in store afterwards. But I didn't.  Why?  Because I believed in the hope of my goal.  I believed in the people who were depending on ME.  Because I believe in keeping my word and honoring my commitment.  Because I believe in dressing up and showing up no matter how I feel.
Hard work and showing up no matter how you feel will always pay off.  I'm EXTREMELY PROUD to share that not only has our Dark Romance Wedding shoot been published once but now six times and has gone internationally published as well.  Plus, I made one great friend (Tatum! Hey girl!)
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My team and I are celebrating in a big way today because our Dark Romance with jeweled tones wedding shoot has been published in, A Princess Inspired!

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My newest blog post is pretty...dare I say, JUICY?!

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