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Back in 2013, when I first started my photography business in San Diego, CA, I stumbled across The Rising Tide Society by doing a web search of networking events in my area.   I attended one of their monthly meet-ups for small business creatives, held every second Tuesday of the month (#TuesdaysTogether)

Fast forward a year and I became a leader for Rising Tide Society and the founder of San Diego's North County Chapter.  Which this great leadership position introduced me to their Workflow System, HoneyBook.

My workflow system at this time was just not efficient.  I was paying for and using Docu-sign and having my clients pay through Square.  Two completely separate parts that I would have to jump back and forth to.  Oh, and let's not forget that I was writing my shoot dates down in my planner and on iCalender.  Plus, jumping back and forth to my emails to look up clients needed info for contracts.  An all over the place mess, right guys?!

Which brings me to Reason #1 as to why I chose HoneyBook for my photography business:



HoneyBook calls it the pipeline and my customers call it their personal assistant. When you have multiple shoots to manage it’s so easy to track the status of all your shoots, in one place. Whether it’s an inquiry, a proposal or a follow up action from your client, with one click you can tell if you’re on track. You can also easily assign a project to someone in your team, right from this pipeline.


HoneyBook makes it easy for me to respond quickly to inbound inquiries from my website. It’s easy to create a custom form and embed it easily into your website. When a potential customer fills out the form, HoneyBook automatically creates a new lead and adds it to your pipeline.
Jumping back and forth entering in your leads information can be extremely time consuming.  When you are managing not only your business and your personal life, this proactive perk for your business cuts down greatly and saves you time.




Nothing worse for your client is to have them jump around to different platforms for sending/receiving contracts and submitting payment to you.  It should be an easy and efficient streamline of delivery with the booking process.  Because it's all about GREAT customer service! AMIRIGHT?!  Your proposals, contracts and invoices should reflect your brand. their simple templates allow you to upload your logo and banner, customize your contracts and packages, get e-signature, automatic payment reminders and more. 




You think I'm kidding?!  I kid you not, friend.  They are truly their for you and your success. They  not only help you get set up, on-boarded, and using HoneyBook quickly but they are here to help you put your best business foot forward.  Honestly,  as a small business owner, you are truly the CEO.  You have to learn and know everything to run your business.  Sometimes, learning another facet to your business can be overwhelming because you are doing so much already!  HoneYBook's concierge truly is there for you and you most certainly can apply me singing Joe Cocker's "I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS!" (Sung totally off key, fyi)


Girlfrannn say what?!  Yes.  I said it.  
What peaked my interest with #HoneyBook was the fact that they offer a 14 Day free trial.  You have access to the complete system and their fantastic concierge.  I genuinely feel that they are about your success and what is best for you business.  This is why they generously offer the 14 day trial, with no credit card.  With 65,000 members and growing I feel their integrity they display for our creative economy is what is attributing to such rapidly growing member numbers.


"Oh, hey Lacey O.  I thought you said there were only 5 reasons as to why you chose HoneyBook for your creative business?"   Why yes friend I did!
 But, since I received such love from HoneyBook, I want to give love! 

When you sign up with HoneyBook you can use my referral link: to receive 50% off when signing up!

Like, Happy Valentine's Day to you, right?! 

The Rising Tide Society

As I started my journey, 3 years ago, as an entrepreneur in the photography industry I was ignorantly optimistic on what it really is to be an entrepreneur.

I had sugar plum visions of only glitz, glamour and grandeur.  Although those things do come with hard work and time, I had never ever felt more alone in my frustrations and development.

Don't get me wrong, I had a multitude of support from my spouse and friends.  But there was something still missing.  I just couldn't put my finger on what was missing.  I was constantly was talking to God about it and asking for guidance and direction.

I was carrying this alone feeling around for about a year and then one day while I was surfing the web I stumbled across a article about how an “entrepreneur needs community and support.” and recommended the Rising Tide Society

To be honest I didn't read the whole article through.  I was skim reading but when my eyes fell upon the words "an entrepreneur needs community and support."  Man oh man did those words sync with my alone feelings I was struggling with.

 I quickly looked up their website and fell in love with the Rising Tide Society's why, purpose and mission. A society that is about community over competition along with being a place to encourage, support and educate small business owners.

But it gets even better than that!  

Around the U.S. creatives and entrepreneurs meet in different cities on the second Tuesday of every month over coffee and conversation, to learn, build, connect, support and grow. This fabulousness called Tuesdays Together.

I was over joyed and looked up a meet-up group close to where I lived.  I met a lot of great people.  I felt a sense of “ Lacey, you are not alone in your feelings, everyone feels this way at times.”  With that being said, I wasn’t feeling as alone but more so understood and encouraged.  The heaviness lifted! : )

Where I’m at now with the Rising Tide Society I couldn’t be happier.  I was selected by the Rising Tide Society to start and lead a Tuesday’s Together chapter in Oceanside, California and serving those that are in the Surrounding North County of San Diego, California.

I have gained many friends, many resources and continue to grow as an entrepreneur and leader through the Rising Tide Society.  So if you are feeling alone and lost in your entrepreneurship, just know you got a friend in the community that is the Rising Tide Society.

If you would like to learn more about the Rising Tide Society and get connected with a Tuesday’s Together group in your city visit their website at:

And when you have connected with your Tuesdays Together group, let me know!  Comment below or shoot me an email.  I'd love to hear about it!

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