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Ashley, a wonderful single mother, learned what true love really was through having her baby, Bella (who is the epitome of the meaning of her name; Beautiful)

Ashley and the Father of Bella went there separate ways.  Ashley moved from Indiana to California and is a full time student who is successfully acheiving all of her goals she has for herself and Baby Bella. 
 Ashley shared with me: "It's challenging and sometimes can be stressful, but I take one day at a time and have a lot of patience.  She is learning new things every day and I am so glad that I can be there to comfort her during the times when she's hurt, sick, or wakes up through the night". 

Bella is a little bundle of happiness! She has changed Ashley's life in so many ways and Ashley is determined to put her happiness and well-being before her own.

Ashley said:  "Even though sometimes I feel like I am horribly failing at everything, Bella still looks at me with a huge smile that lets me know I'm doing a great job at raising her.  I will never stop giving my 100% to being the best mom I can ever be".

Talking to Ashley, her bravery, love, care, hard work and determination she has for her family is a beautiful thing.  She demonstrates what a real woman should be... shining and inspiring others

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