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My team and I are celebrating in a big way today because our Dark Romance with jeweled tones wedding shoot has been published in, A Princess Inspired!

You can celebrate with us and read how they were swept away with this romantic wedding, here!


Sarah + Hayden | met in High School, their Freshman year.  Having a few classes together, they became friends pretty quickly. After Sarah’s Freshman year of high school, she moved to another state and they only talked every once in a while. During that time, Hayden made it a point to check up on her though.

Fast forward several years and it wasn’t until Sarah’s Sophomore year of College when they started to talk to each other consistently.  

Hayden was stationed in Norfolk, VA with the U.S. Navy and Sarah was still in Knoxville, TN getting my degree so communication was mainly texting and FaceTime.  

One day, on the phone, Hayden asked Sarah if he had any right to dislike a guy paying her attention. She remember being so excited knowing that he might be feeling the way that she had been the past few weeks… into each other.

They decided then that they wanted to try dating, but wanted to wait until Hayden was home for the holidays to make it “official”.  Soon enough he was home for Christmas.  

Hayden had a crush on Sarah since Highschool and with those lingering feelings he pretty much drove straight from Norfolk to pick Sarah up for their first date (he even had flowers and a teddy bear waiting for her in the car).

They went to Steak n’ Shake since it was so late and stayed up even later that night watching Elf, talking and enjoying each other's company.

They spent most of his leave time at home together and have been together ever since! Due to Hayden serving in the military, Hayden had a 10 m0nth deployment.  Plus their relationship has been long distance for its entirety, which has made things hard, but they knew if they stuck it out long enough the distance would come to an end.

Since returning from deployment, Hayden is stationed out in San Diego and Sarah visits as much as she possibly can. Now they are newly engaged and found out that Hayden’s next set of orders with the Navy are in Rota, Spain! They decided they didn’t want to be apart that long so soon they embark on their new journey together to travel the world. They even already have a bucket list started.


Washington DC Photographer |  Wedding Photography

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, God gives us a fairytale...

Washington DC Photographer |  Wedding Photography

Antar, was born to Tanya & Herman Brame in 1982.  Miyoshi was born to Junko & David Reed.

They both met at Beaumont Middle School in Portland, Oregon and then later became good friends while attending James Madison High.  Going their seperate ways as all young adults do after graduating High School, Antar went on to play College Football and Miyoshi joined the Airforce. 

Washington DC Photographer |  Wedding Photography

Years passed and they reconnected in Arizona in October of 2013, became good friends again and were inseparable.  Which led to the true fairlytale to offically begin.  On December 6th of 2013, Antar asked Miyoshi to go steady
( or something like that they said ; )

 On August 20th 2015, Antar got down on one knee, on the foundation that would later be their new castle, and asked Miyoshi "Will you?"  Of course Miyoshi said "Yes!" which  led to their gorgeous Cinderella inspired wedding on June 4th 2016... 

Washington DC Photographer |  Wedding Photography

Except Miyoshi was not losing her chic glass slippers.

Washington DC Photographer |  Wedding Photography

It was truly a beautiful day full of fun, family, friends, laughter and love.

Washington DC Photographer |  Wedding Photography


Christina, a stunning Tennessee beauty and entrepreneur, Caleb, a rugged USMC vet from Illinois met one day during their travels in North Carolina. OBVIOUSLY these stars were aligned and it was love.

The Wedding took place in Saint Elmo, Illinois at Caleb's Parent's Log Cabin on a beautiful lake.  The crip autumn air, the various shades of amber colored leaves made the ideal backdrop for a Country Chic Autumn Wedding.  Yes, it was nothing short of perfection. 

As you walked the enchanted property you see great attention to detail, in every corner, paying tribute to Christina & Caleb's love for one another.  Yet, there were signs everywhere of the new Autumn Season...  The collaboration of both love and autumn was like two melody's combining to currate a grand symphony.


Meeting Christina & Caleb's family I truly felt honored to be in the company I was in.  They are a true Patriotic Family.  Various Family members and friends that have served our country.  They shined a beautiful light with the utmost love, support and respect for one another.

Christina's dress was stunning!  Elegant and softly flowed with the most delicate embroidered detail!

She paired her dress with Cowgirl Boots to show that Tennessee Sass!

he gents of the wedding were the fastest to get ready (what man isn't super quick ;)

Christina & Caleb's son, Jax, was waiting for his grand debut as the ring bear ; )

YES! Those are custom made Buckshot Boutonniere's for the Groom and Groomsmen! LOVE!


It was time for the big moment.  As Christina and her cherished father walk down the isle to give her away to Caleb... I watched everyone tear up.  Honestly, So did I! (Get it together Lacey!)

The exchanging of vows, little Jax doing his little Jax thing...



 Family and Friends gathered to have an intimate dinner and celebrate further... in style ; )

A little Cake Smear... these two sure have fun together!  But that is what it is all about! Having fun with you best friend!

Oh hey there Christina!

Christina & Caleb, It was an honor documenting your beautiful wedding, along with meeting your wonderful family and friends.

I leave this blog post off with saying...