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Photos Are Your Legacy

"Photos are your legacy" I realized recently while taking pictures of my 3 children, Chasey, Zane and Gracey at Bates Nut Farm in California. My husband, kids and I were having a family day celebrating the autumn season and picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.

As a mother, I know it's super important to have photos of your children for the memories, for yourself.  But I find it more important to have photos for your grandchildren and their grandchildren (so on and so forth)  But here is why I think why...

These photos are a precious story and legacy you leave behind for the generations to showcase your family.  If we did not have photos to help tell the story, we don't have the full on history of events, moments, where you have visited or lived, etc... basically, what makes you uniquely you!  Knowing our roots and beginning plays the biggest part of who we are.  It helps preserve the beautiful foundation that is 'Family'.